Social Media Managed.
Social Media Managed.


About Us

The most important things to know...


We are passionate about Social Media and The Web. We believe that technology has the power to transform how businesses are discovered, and how customers are identified and served, all in an effective, efficient and progressive manner.


We start by understanding your business and its environment, then, we work with you to create and execute relevant Digital strategies. Strategies that help customers find you, and help you understand how your customers are finding you.

Design and Build

We design and build content for several platforms including: Websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. We also create, execute and monitor advertising campaigns via Facebook, Google and other niche platforms.


With us managing your Social Media and Website properties, you can focus on your core business and your customers. But don't worry, you won't be left in the dark. With regular meetings and updates, you'll always know what's going on.


An Overview...


Whether its an existing or new website, we offer design, development and maintenance services for static and dynamic websites. Our sites are also optimized for mobile first viewing and search engine optimization.

Facebook & Instagram

We develop and maintain content for two of the most popular social media platforms in The World. We also work with you to create, execute and monitor advertising campaigns, and perform community management.


To tired to tweet? We can help. Depending on your strategy, we can manage your Twitter feed and ensure that your tweets are tweeted and tagged just they way you want them to be.


In contrast to Facebook, LinkedIn is often over-looked. We'll setup your company page, maintain it and perform community management. We'll also work with you to develop and execute advertising campaigns.

Blog Management

Having a blog is an easy and popular way to keep your audience up-to-date and informed on topics that are important to you. We make extensive use of the WordPress CMS to setup and maintain blogs.

Google Ads & Analytics

What good is having a website if your customers can't find you via Google, and when they do, you have no idea where they came from, what they looked at, and for how long they visited? We can help.

Niche Advertising

In addition to the major ad networks, there are numerous speciality websites that cater to very specific consumer segments and niches. We can help you position your brand in front of these audiences.

Article Writing

New a few hundred words on a speciality topic? Or maybe you'd like us to come up with an original article, or handle the copywriting, editing and proofreading of existing material? We can do that as well.

Referral Programme

Ask about our Referral Programme! Earn cash or service discounts when you refer individuals or businesses to us.

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Phone or WhatsApp: 1-868-315-0487

Email: hello@socialoptica.com